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Testing and Tagging - It's not just about compliance!

Testing and tagging is not just about compliance. It's about safety. It's the best practice way of ensuring that your workplace is electrically safe for everybody that works or visits. Regular testing helps eliminate the risks of electrical hazards before they become deadly. Quite often, the signs are obvious. A nicked cord, a loose plug, some discolouration around an outlet. These examples are quite often followed with the words, "Yeah, been meaning to fix that!" or "Haven't told the boss yet but it will be ok!" Sometimes the signs are a little harder to spot. An RCD(Safety switch) tripping now and then. A higher than normal leak to earth. A broken earth wire. Did you know that a well known manufacturer recently recalled a large batch of extension cords because they were incorrectly wired. Brand new leads that were found to be faulty!

You need someone that you can trust. Someone to take the time and care to thoroughly and properly test your appliances to ensure that they are safe and give you piece of mind. Someone you can trust to test according to the standards set down in AS/NZS 3760:2010 and then stand behind their work. That's Trusted Test and Tag. Why not call today. It won't cost you a cent to find out what we can do for you.

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